Disclosed prototype iPhone without a SIM card

Disclosed prototype iPhone without a SIM card

Apple could have released the first iPhone without a SIM card, but abandoned this idea due to restrictions. This is reported by MacRumors.

Journalists refer to an interview with former Apple Vice President Tony Fadell, according to which Apple could release its first smartphone without a SIM card. According to Fadell, the founder of the company, Steve Jobs, wanted the iPhone to be a device that was not tied to third-party interfaces, to which the entrepreneur attributed the SIM card slot. Fadell disclosed that the company was developing a prototype device that could work without a physical SIM card.

The specialist said that Jobs was interested in CDMA technology, which would allow the release of such a smartphone. Fadell admitted that he had to prove to Apple's CEO that using CDMA would make the iPhone a very niche device.

According to journalists, in fact, Apple released a smartphone without a SIM card, but only in 2011 - then the company introduced a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 to work in the networks of the Verizon operator.

Also, the authors of the publication noticed that in the future, Apple may completely abandon the classic SIM card in favor of eSIM. However, this technology is not approved for use in all regions of the world.

In January, GlobalData specialist Emma More-McClune said that Apple would be ditching the SIM card slot in 2022. According to her, the missing connector will replace the eSIM module, on which the consumer will be able to record their cellular tariff.