International Fellowship for Nonprofit Governance

Don't miss this opportunity to attend the International Fellowship for Nonprofit Governance in Washington, D.C. on: November 4 20, 2001

With growing interest in the fellowship program and the continued support from Alcoa Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the International Fellowship for Nonprofit Governance has expanded to offer two training opportunities in 2001.

We are currently accepting applications for both programs. Registration is limited to 20 participants for each program. Participants should be:

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Actively working as trainers and/or consultants in capacity-building for NGOs in their home countries and/or regions.

Committed to the principles of good governance.

Able to communicate in English.

Deadlines to submit applications is September 3, 2001

Download an application for the fellowship program now. Or, for more information, send an e-mail to Kate Pearson, Global Program Coordinator, with your name, organization, location, and a brief description of your interest.

The International Fellowship in Nonprofit Governance is designed to provide intensive exposure to issues surrounding the work of nonprofit boards of directors in order to build a strong international network of governance practitioners who can share experiences and insights. Fellows become trainers and advocates of good governance practices within their regions, and are the key individuals in developing joint activities planned by NCNB and its partner organizations as it seeks to fulfill the mission of the global program. The result is a cadre of board development professionals who can provide information and orientation, and facilitate the strengthening of boards of directors in various regions of the world.

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Since 1997, 50 representatives from 20 countries have participated in this rigorous program. In 2000 seven fellows were representatives from partner organizations that work with NCNB and others came from diverse countries where boards of nonprofit organizations are beginning to recognize the importance of their responsibilities and contributions. Fellows are chosen by NCNB and participating organizations through an application process.

The main objectives of the fellowship program are to:

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Present critical information on nonprofit board governance to participants.

Train participants to conduct workshops and other sessions on the work of nonprofit boards in their home countries.

Enable participants to network and share similarities and differences of experience with practitioners of other countries.

Provide participants with opportunities to learn about the U.S. nonprofit sectors lessons learned and best practices in board governance and approaches to international activities.

Facilitate individual learning through individual meetings with donors and other organizations and more in-depth work with NCNB staff.

The fellowship program includes activities such as:

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Professional Development Program

A three-day intensive workshop for experienced nonprofit practitioners to learn how to design and conduct education and training programs for nonprofit boards. The content for this train-the-trainer program is drawn from the curricula and tools NCNB has developed in working with a wide variety of organizations over the past ten years. An additional two-day session provides training on facilitating periodic assessments and reflections on the board's process of fulfilling its responsibilities.

"Shadowing" Assignment with a Washington, DC nonprofit organization

Participants are teamed with an NCNB Associate as he or she designs and conducts a board development session for the board of directors of a local Washington, D.C. agency. These Washington-based agencies' boards volunteer to be part of the program, enabling the fellowship participants to observe board development live, while receiving the benefit of one of NCNB's experts in governance training.

National Leadership Forum (November 11 13, 2001)

More than 800 board members and nonprofit leaders from around the world attend NCNB's annual leadership forum, Simplicity and the Board. Each year, the forum is a highly interactive opportunity to learn from peers and experts about the challenges and satisfactions of board service. Participants of the international fellowship attend four workshops specifically tailored to a global audience.

NCNB Staff Collaboration

NCNB staff members representing our governance consulting, communications, marketing, membership, and information departments conduct special sessions for the Fellows, while also working individually with them according to the Fellows' specific interests.

Visits to Washington-based International Organizations

Fellows meet staff of U.S.-based private voluntary organizations responsible for institutional strengthening programs throughout the world, taking the opportunity to share their expertise and study diverse efforts currently underway in their regions. Organizations have included the American Society of Association Executives, the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, CIVICUS, and the Support Center of Washington.

Individual Learning Plans

Special times throughout the two weeks are dedicated to pursuing individual learning objectives for each Fellow. These include additional training, meetings with specific organizations, more in-depth work with individual NCNB staff, or other activities related to the governance of nonprofit organizations.

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The fourth International Fellowship in Nonprofit Governance was held in Washington, D.C. on November 6 21, 2000, funded in part through a grant from the Alcoa Foundation. Participants in the fellowship will become trainers and advocates for good governance practices within their organizations and in the broader context of their countries and regions. The 2000 fellowship welcomed participants from Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Mexico, Belarus, Egypt, Romania, Nigeria, India, Moldova, Brazil, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and South Africa.

Read the news release about the 2000 International Fellowship in Nonprofit Governance.