In the USA the producer of porn DVD is fined for unsafe sex

In the USA the producer of porn DVD is fined for unsafe sex

03.02.2014, 12:29:08

Surveys of porno

The American company on production of porn DVD is fined per $78 mils for the leadthrough of surveys without the use of contraceptives, passes The Daily Mail.

To the company the prosecutions are produced in that its weak prophylactic policy is instrumental in the dangerous terms of labour.

Verification was initiated since last year testing exposed the presence of Vych-ynfektsyy at two actors of company.

Meantime founder of head structure Cybernet Entertainment Peter of kvort declared that a fine was excessive, and measures in regard to a company politically explained. He intends to appeal a fine.

Recently Michael Lucas declared one of the most persistent supporters of the use of contraceptives about the output of the first film of the studio, where actors were taken off without contraceptives. And the other day the conglomerate of Falcon Studios declared a gay-porno, that in the new picture of the "California Dreamin 1" contraceptives will not be also - will clean them from a shot by a "digital method".

Producer "California Dreamin 1" of ony ymarko (Tony Dimarco) explained, why he had decided to resort to the computer graphics: "By this film I wanted to rotin essence gay-porno of 70-80th, when life seemed carefree and relaxed. Adhering to this conception, I understood that in a shot must not be contraceptives evidently. And although in all stages actors used defence, after by a digital method we created visibility of "unscreened sex".

Falcon Studios long time was one of leaders among the supporters of the use of contraceptives in industry. Although it is needed to mark that Falcon owns the largest collections "vintage" gay-porno with unsafe sex, but films are for sale with a caution board "epoch to the contraceptives".