Google Glass will enable to give a glance on itself during sex by the eyes of partner

Google Glass will enable to give a glance on itself during sex by the eyes of partner

03.02.2014, 12:29:08


Long time the company of Google insisted on absence of sexual content in the inventions. Moreover, social priorities went out on the first plan, such as creation of lenses of Google Glass for diabetics.

However much the new appendix can by a cardinal method to change the image of Google, and to add popularity.

New possibilities allow to see itself during sex by the eyes of partner. The question is not, about the porno of Google Glass, taken off outside.

The appendix in real time allows to write down that sees proprietor of glasses. Whereupon a picture is passed on glasses of partner, and he sees reverse video as though.

In addition, the proprietor of appendix can with his help to correct a prospect or light round the partner, to pick up music, and even to search parallell in the internet new sexual poses. The program is started by a vocal command: people simply tell each other, okey, record went.

A record can be kept to five hours, whereupon she retirings automatically. In addition, the created record can be passed and be saved on other gajets, for example smartphones or porn DVD. Sex-glasses of Google Glass were thought of by the Lebanese student from the London college of art and design Central Saint Martins College Sheriff of aktaby.

About an idea he talks simply. When we put itself question: How can we do sex by more surprising one with Google Glass? We thought of sex-glasses.

It was high-usage the new appendix on the site of Google Glass, and the official representatives of company deleted him in that moment when for a day this page had time to visit 10 000 persons. However, there is information, that these glasses of Google Glass with the intimate appendix all the same will enter sale at the end of this year.