The 5 best films about a porno

The 5 best films about a porno

03.02.2014, 10:29:08

King of Sex

This week in the Ukrainian rental the film of Michael goes out Winterbottom «King of Sex». This the history about real Britannic pornomagnate Paul Ðaymonde, which knocked together the state at work of ten strip-clubs, to the sale of the real estate and main — on the issue of two erotic magazines. Preparing to the premiere of «King of Sex» decided to remember five cinemaworks, where played a porno, softly speaking, not last role.

Nights in style of bugy

About what: one of legendary films about industry of cinema for adults. His producer is Òomas Paul Ànderson — never hid the love to the porno. Therefore and one of his first shortfilm («History of Dirk Digger») was exactly about this not simple genre. «Nights in style of bugy» just continue this history. The protagonist of film is the young fellow Dirk, which by chance gets in pornobusiness. His dizzy career, which, however, is closed not quite successfully, begins after this time.

Why to look: detailed recital of mechanism of pornoindustry, methods of download porn, and with the relations between its workers their personal flights and falling.

Both laughter and sin

About what: unlike the picture of Àndersona, at Shelton the question is about amateur to the porno. In obedience to a subject, protagonists studying once together, getting drunk, arrange an orgy and take off all of it on a video camera. First reaction in the morning is shock, second — possibly, this beginning of new life. Interestingly, that Shelton played one of leading roles in a film, and its work became the hit of the American festival of independent cinema of «Ñandens».

Why to look: very nice American dramedy about modern values crisis of middle ages. In addition, there here quite is no nothing vulgar, and many episodes seem on rareness vital.

Zak and Myrias take off a porno

About what: another film about amateur of porno. Only this bout no chances and long torments. Heroes of «Zak and Myrias» experience not simple times and choose, to them mind, easiest variant to earn — to take off a porno. The reckless week-days of pornofilms makers and great number of merry situations begin farther. But that more important: the picture of Smit after all this wrapping hides very touching history of love, though and opened out on the ground of films for adults.

Why to look: Smit Cavin is large fanaticism of cinema. And «Zak and Myrias» is this on the large account cinemawork not so much about a porno. To create a film, in opinion of Smit, no special technique is necessary or the burned professionals, main is desire and command of the same madmen, as well as you.

People against Larry Flint

About what: biographic film about the founder of legendary pornojourhal «Hastler». Exactly this edition in the USA began not the first to print the frank coloured pictures of women. By the main scandal related to «Hatsler», the publication appeared on his pages of photo of bare Jaklin Kennedy. Talk, that exactly after this time on Larry Flint all misfortunes of world were knocked down.

Why to look: Forman took off a not simply picture about pornomakers, but very witty history about the fight for freedom of speech. By not chance his Larry Flint by the end of film looks rather the hero of the time, by what ordinary medyamagnatom.

In search of beatitude

About what: recital of ambitious woman-producer which dreams to do a good cinema. But here misfortune, in Hollywood, finding job is not so simple, and in earnest cinema and nobody needs quite. As a result a heroine appears by an assistant on the surveys of porno, where does not abandon the dream to create a serious film about the relations.

Why to look: entertaining satire on Hollywood and modern entertaining cinema, model history about zakulys'e of world of cinema and porno, which, however appears, especially and differ.