In Las Vegas "Porno-Oscars" are handed 2014 years (18+)

In Las Vegas "Porno-Oscars" are handed 2014 years (18+)

03.02.2014, 10:29:08

Bonnie Rotten

The XXXI ceremony of handing of bonus of AVN Awards, which often name "Porno-Oscar", took place in Las Vegas.

By the bonus of AVN Awards from the American magazine of Adult Video News from 1984 years the best producers, actors, operators and producers, are annually rewarded for the special achievements in development of the American pornoindustry, writed

Rewards are handed during the leadthrough of erotic exhibition of "entertainments for the adults" of Adult Entertainment Expo, which also gets organized by the magazine of AVN.

The best film on results 2013 years acknowledges Underworld, also winning in a category the "Best drama". In a picture is told about the trips of the failed robber “any in Purgatory, where she meets with different mystic characters and in the total meets with Death.

The film of Grease XXX became the best comedy: A Parody is musical porno-parody on a film 1978 years "Bryolyn" “ravolta John was taken off in which.

By the producer of year of judge declared Axel of Brown for a porno-parody on blokbaster about Superman "Man from steel" of Man Of Steel XXX: A Porn Parody. The same ribbon appeared on the first place in a nomination the "Best parody drama". Before in similar key Brown rethinking sfilm "Star wars" "Spidermen" and "Ferrous man".

The best performer of year adopts Frenchman Őanuel' Ferrara. Before he already 4 times was awarded this reward, that is the original record of industry. In all Ferrara was taken off more than in 1250 pornofilms and came forward a producer more than in 120 films.

The American model and pornoactress Bonny –otten appeared by the best performer, the "Best stage of group sex" also winning in a nomination for the ribbon of The Gang Bang of Bonnie Rotten.

Among transsexuals in this category on the first place is pornostar of the Philippine origin Eva Lyn.

The best actress acknowledges –emy La Crua for a film "Temptation of Eva" The Temptation of Eve, which was acknowledged by the best romantic film of year. Also –emy La Crua got rewards in nominations the "Best stage with two girls" (Girl Fever - in a company –ayly Raid) and the "Best stage with two girls and one man" (Remy 2 - together with Őanuelem Ferrara and –ayly Raid).