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In most virtual Online Casinos a visitor get possibility of playing for virtual monies is named On interest. Playing for virtual monies is possible and it is needed, even in order to understand the features of games, offered one or another gaming-house (the rules of games of the same name can substantially differ in different gaming-houses).

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But valuable pleasure we will not get so - the game of chance without a risk partly reminds sex without a partner. So what criteria does a normal player choose on-line of casino on for the valuable playing for monies? The first and main criterion is honesty of the gaming-house chosen for a visit. Also yu can read information on online casino news.

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By the way, in virtual casinos arranged for payments in most cases by a credit card or pay on-line of the systems: WebMoney, ndex.e, E-port, PayCash, EcoCard, Rapida, e-gold, PayPal, EvoCash, Assist and other. Although the most popular cards of credits, accepted to payment - Visa and MasterCard - got under operating of boycott of the USA on maintenance of games of chance on-line, they however remain by the most rapid and reliable method to transfer facilities on an account in a casino.

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